2017 Ladder HIIT Workout

Happy New Year!  I hope you all are having a great New Year.  So far 2017 has started off great!  I am feeling really good about the year and super motivated. 

I put together this killer workout for my first class boot camp class of 2017.  It is awesome.  This workout can easily be done at home or at the gym.  Give it a try. 

2017 Ladder HIIT Workout

Ladder HIIT Workout

Warm Up:  Dynamic Warm up, Jog, Walk, Cycle or Row for 3-5 minutes to warm up. 

You will perform 20 reps of each exercise then repeat with 19 reps, 18 reps, 17 reps.  Take breaks when needed.  

  1. Squat Jumps
  2. Weighted Squats
  3. Burpees
  4. Weighted Alternating Lunges
  5. Jumping Jacks
  6. Bicep Curls
  7. Skaters
  8. Shoulder Press
  9. Lunge Hops
  10. Push Ups
  11. Squat Jacks
  12. Overhead Tricep Press
  13. Plank Up Downs
  14. Weighted Sumo Squats
  15. Bent Over Row
  16. Full Sit Up (hold weight at chest, optional)
  17. Lying Back Extension

Always finish your workout with a cool down and stretch. 

Let me know if you give this workout a try.  I love to hear your feedback. 

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Have a great week!!!!



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