Confessions of a Cardio Junkie

Have you ever found yourself saying things like, “I can’t lift heavy weights” or “I don’t want to bulk up” and “I don’t feel like lifting weights is a good workout.”  GUILTY!!!!  Before I left for our cruise a few weeks ago I made the decision to start a new strength training plan when I returned.  The last few weeks my workouts were getting monotonous and I was still feeling a little soft in the tummy area even though I increased my cardio and added in extra miles.  So after talking with the hubby and doing a little research I found that I need to bump up my strength routine a bit.  I decided to do a 6 week program and see how I feel and look at the end of it  This week I started a new program.  I got most of the workout ideas from Body, from my previous workouts and from my husband.  I wanted to try to focus on 3-4 strength days per week.  These workouts include some running and core which is optional.  If you are not a runner you could always incline walk, row, bike or use the elliptical just be sure to push yourself.  Be sure to increase your weight size.  You should have trouble completing the final set.

 I plan to share my workouts with you guys on the blog.  I hope to inspire you to change up your current routine and lift some heavy weights.  In case your are still not convinced here are some of the benefits to adding in a strength routine to your workouts.

Benefits of Strength Training

  • Increased Metabolism and After Burn
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • You will get stronger and fitter!
  • Bone Health
  • Helps keep any weight off!

Here is what my week of workouts looked like with more detailed instructions below.  I will be posting these at the end of each week so if you want to join me on this plan you will have them for your upcoming week. 

For the majority of these workouts you will want to find your 1 rep max.  Which is something I have never done before.  For safety you need a partner to spot you while finding your 1 rep max.  The reasons for finding your 1RM is a lot of workouts your weights will be based off of a percentage of that 1RM.  If you can’t find a 1 rep. max, then you can still do the workouts just make sure you are using challenging weight.

Day 1

strength and conditioning workout

Week 1 Day 2

Warm Up:  Dynamic Warm Up, Jog, Bike or Row for 5 Minutes

Barbell Squat :  Today I worked on finding my max for a barbell squat.  I started with a warm up of the squat with lighter weights and worked myself up to my 1RM.   

Perform 1RM squat

Circuit 1

  • Reverse Lunge 12-15 Per Leg
  • Stability Ball Hamstring Curls 15 Reps
  • Kettlebell Swing 20 Reps

Repeat 3 times

Circuit 2

  • Wall Balls 15
  • Weighted Walking Lunges 30 Total
  • .25 Mile Run (push your pace)

Repeat 3 times

Cool Down and Stretch

Week 1 Day 3

Warm Up:  Dynamic Warm Up, Jog, Bike or Row for 5 Minutes

Squat Press:  Today I worked on finding my max for a squat press.  I started with a warm up of the squat press with lighter weights and worked myself up to my 1RM.  This will vary from person to person depending on your current fitness level.  Start with reps of 8-10 and work through your weights.  

Circuit 1

  • Single Arm Rows (heavy weight) 12-15 reps each arm
  • Wind Mill or Side Bends (heavy weights) 12-15 reps per side
  • 1 Push Up 4 Mountain Climbers (10 total)

Repeat 3x

Circuit 2

  • Upright Row (heavy weight) 12-15 reps
  • Single Arm Kettlebell Swing (10 each arm)
  • Run .25 miles at a hard pace

Repeat 3 x

Core (optional)

  • 1 Tricep Push Up 1 Side Plank (each side) 10 total
  • V Sit 20 Total
  • Plank 60 Second

Cool Down and Stretch

Be sure to write down the weights you are using this week because you will need it for your workouts. 

Week 1 Day 4

I did an Orange Theory workout today which was awesome!  I plan to post the details next week. 

Day 5 Rest Day

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