Color War Party

Active Family Fun:  Color War Birthday Party

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  It has been a bit busy the past few weekends.  Both my daughters have Birthdays within 5 days of each other.  The month of April is party central at my house.  This year my youngest daughter wanted to do a color war themed party.  It turned out to be a huge success!  She said it was the best party she has ever had.  I thought I would share the details since I had a lot of parents asking me about it.  

First I like to keep my parties simple especially since I have two that I have to plan within 5 days!  Most of the kids at this party are on my daughters basketball and volleyball team so I try to keep my parties active and moving!  It also helped that my hubby could pull out his old PE teacher skills to help plan it. 

So here is how the party went:

Kids arrived and I just let them hang out and have fun.  Fortunately we had good weather except for some winds so they could play basketball and just run around before everyone arrived.  

Sidewalk Chalk Pictionary  

Before the party we asked the Birthday girl some “how well do you know me” questions and had her write them down on colored construction paper.  Then we basically played Pictionary in the driveway in teams using her answers.  It was super fun.  I have to confess, my hubby came up with this one.  Nice job!  Kids loved it.

Hair Spraying Stations

Another idea from the hubby!  We allowed the girls that wanted to spray their hair colorful get some temporary hair color spray in their hair before the color war.  That was a hit.  I suggest having an adult spray the hair.  

Cake and Gifts

I decided to do the cake and gifts first since I knew we were going to be very colorful at the end of the party and I wanted to avoid kids getting color powder on the furniture and carpet.  As an added bonus they burned off all the sugar too by doing the cake first. 

Color War

After the cake and gifts we headed down to the park in our subdivision.  I would suggest a large open area for this part of the party.  I split up the Holi Colors into individual cups in order to avoid kids throwing all the powder at once.  It also required them to come back to the table when they ran out to get more.  This helped the color powder last longer.  I had my mom and hubby helping refill the color powder so I could partake in the festivities.  Basically we just let the kids run wild and throw color on each other.  Almost like tag with colors.  It was a lot of fun.  We did give them the basic rules of not throwing it in each others faces.  The only issue we faced was it was pretty windy so the color did blow in the wind.  Had it not been windy it would have landed on them nicely and they would have been even more colorful.  I did run out of color so I would suggest getting two packages to have even more fun and more color!  I had 10 younger girls, 4 older girls and myself so we could have used 2 packs.  The color came out of our hair and off of our faces really easily and I also noticed that it faded out of clothes pretty fast.  We did ask all partygoers to wear old white clothing just in case.  This is the powder I used.  It was vibrant and worked awesome!


Games & More

I like to keep my parties active and kids moving.  So we set up a game of capture the flag.  This was another hit!  The kids were having a blast.  Even the teenagers were having fun.  We played this for about 45 minutes and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  After that we only had about 30 minutes left of the party so we let the kids just play at the park.  There is a play set, basketball hoop and large open areas.  We were going to set up a volleyball net as well but it was too windy. 

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The Aftermath

Clean up was super easy.  The color powder came off of faces, hands and out of hair.  It washes out nicely.  If you are having your party at a location not at your house I would suggest bringing wipes or wet rags to wash off hands.  Also if you are worried about it getting in the kids eyes pick up some cheap sunglasses or goggles and have the kiddos wear them.  We did not have an issue with this at all and it was windy.  

If you have active kiddos like I do this is an awesome party idea.  My 9 year old daughter loved it and even her teenage sister and friends said it was super fun.  We are planning to do this again this summer with my older daughters youth group.  

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  Have an amazing week.  


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