Sunday Strength: Do Not Worry

I hope you guys all had an amazing Thanksgiving.  Today a scripture popped up  while I was reading that I think we can all relate to.  Are you a worrier?  Did you worry that the big Thanksgiving dinner or not working out one day is ruining your diet? Interesting fact the average person consumes about 4500 calories on Thanksgiving day!  Yes that is a lot of calories but one day will not derail your progress.  The past week I have noticed that a lot of people are worriers, including myself. A lot of what I heard and saw was related to how much they would have to workout after the big meal or how they would have to do some sort of cleanse this week.  Remember the food you eat does not define you, especially for one day of the year.  Think about all of the memories you are making with your family and friends.  The workout and the healthy food is still going to be there the next day.  

For many people worry is just natural, however stress is taking a toll on our mental and physical health.  This is one of my most favorite scriptures to memorize and meditate on.  

Mathew 6:25

I have a tip for you worriers out there.  Find a box (any kid works) just make sure it has a lid.  Call it your worry box.  Whenever you feel like you are worrying about something write it down and place it in the box.  You can pray over your worry and ask God to take control.  This also works well if you have trouble sleeping.  Write your worries down at night and tear them to shreds and throw them away.  I also like to write down my worries in my journal and reflect back on them when needed.  

I hope these Sunday strength tips help you as you go into a new week.  I find the holiday season can be a little stressful for all of us so anything can help.  Don’t forget to subscribe to get posts delivered right to your inbox.  Have an amazing week!  


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