Awesome Orange Theory Inspired Workout

Hi Guys, with a New Year means new goals and changes to my current workout plans?  I hope you guys are making changes as well.  I encouraged all my participants to find a small goal to focus on this month.  Mine was to increase my base pace at Orange Theory.  I only increased it by .3 mph but man was I feeling  it.  It’s important to remember that our bodies get accustomed to the demand and the workload you put on it.  If your workouts don’t change then your results won’t change either.  You should aim to change up your workouts after 3 months to see results.  To help you get started I put together this workout inspired by an OT workout I did in the past.  If you can’t make it to an OT class, this is easy to do on your own or at the gym.  

This  workout is broken down into two sections a run/row and upper body and core section.  You can easily do one or both together.  

Orange Theory Workout

Here is the OT pace guide to reference for the workout. 

OTF Pace Guide

I hope you give this workout a try and find a new goal for 2018.  Let me know how you like it.  I love to hear back from my readers.  Don’t forget to subscribe to get updates to your inbox.  Have a great week!  

Tips for Beginning Runners

Hi Guys I hope you had a great New Year’s!  We had a fun but low-key New Year’s Eve.  We played a super fun new game called Game of Things, drank sparkling wine and ate plenty of yummy treats.  It was nice.  Now I am ready to conquer 2018 and start fresh again.  

Beginning Runner Tips

One of the common resolutions I hear this time of year is that people want to start running or training for a race.  I thought I would share some of my tips to help you get started if running is your goal for 2018.  

  1. Get good shoes!  This is a must.  Head over to a local running store and be sure to get fitted for proper running shoes.  
  2. Get proper running gear, especially if you plan to run outside.  Remember you will need reflective clothing if you plan to run in the dark.
  3. Run with a group.  Find a group of friends or a running club.  It always helps me to stay accountable if I am meeting someone or have a group that meets on a regular basis.  
  4. Go Slow!  Don’t start off too fast.  Pace yourself and slowly build up your mileage.  Try incorporating a walk/run method (Jeff Galloway) to start out.  
  5. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down.  Try to include some foam rolling into your cool down if possible to help with those sore muscles.  
  6. Don’t forget to rest.  Rest days are super important in your training as they allow your body to recover and rebuild.
  7. Add in some cross training.  You will build both strength and endurance without risking overuse injuries from just running all the time.  
  8. Set small, achievable goals.  
  9. Keep a training log to track your miles and paces.  This is nice to reflect on your training.  
  10. Don’t get frustrated.  You will have days you feel great and days you feel horrible, just remember that and keep going.  

These are just a few tips I have for the beginning runner.  I remember when I first started running it was HARD!  With the help of some awesome friends I was able to get stronger and accomplish so many goals and PR in so many races.  As long as you are patient and focus on your goals and successes it will get easier.  I promise!  I would love to hear any you may have as well, so please share them in the comments.  Happy 2018!!!! 

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Here is the game it is so much fun!!!! 


Top Workouts of The Year

Orange Theory WorkoutHi guys I hope your weekend is off to a great start and you are getting ready to celebrate 2018.  I wanted to share my top workouts from the blog of 2017.  Give one of these a try as we go into another year of fitness!  

If you like Orangetheory Fitness give this one a try.  It is my most popular workout on the blog!

spartan training workoutIf you are training for a Spartan Race give this one is for you!  It rocks and totally helped me with my Spartan.

Here is another super popular Orange Theory Inspired workout that focuses on running, rowing, and strength.  It’s a fun one!  Orange Theory Workout

This has been a really popular one this month.  It is a fun workout to end the year.  It’s only 30 minutes and it is a killer.

HIIT CARDIO WORKOUTBe sure to let me know what you think of these workouts.  I love to hear from you guys!  Happy New Year

2017 HIIT Cardio Workout

Wow can you guys believe it is almost 2018?  It seems like the year flew by.  I am starting to think ahead on my goals for 2018.  I have a few that I really want to focus on.   I want to challenge myself in many ways, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  I will be sharing more with you all about those goals in the next few weeks.  First I wanted to share a kick butt workout!  We did this in my class yesterday and it was awesome!  It is a 30 minute cardio workout that can be done at home or at the gym.  Give it a try.  HIIT CARDIO WORKOUT

I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year.  Be sure to like my Facebook page.  I will be posting new workouts, meal ideas, health tips and much more in January!!!!  


12 Exercises of Christmas Workout & How To Not Gain Weight Over the Holidays

Hi guys!  I hope you are having a great week.  As a teacher I am super lucky to have a two week break to spend with my girls and family.  We have been really busy with work, sports and school so this break is much needed.  I also have been finding myself surrounded with yummy holiday treats, meals and drinks which I try to enjoy in moderation.  I thought I would share some of my tips to maintain and not gain weight during the holiday season.  Now is not really the time to try and lose weight!  

  1. Enjoy those special foods.  For me I have certain foods and drinks that I only enjoy this time of the year.  Like my mom’s peanut brittle and my friend Holly’s homemade Irish Cream and cookies!  I almost always forgo those store bought treats in the staff room because I look forward to those homemade goodies made by my friends and family.  
  2. Don’t skip meals and don’t forget to hydrate!  This is a big one.  If you have a big party or meal planned don’t skip breakfast or lunch.  If you do you will be starving and may overindulge at the party.  Who wants to feel stuffed anyway!  Drink lots of water especially if you are consuming alcohol.  This will also help you feel full.  
  3. Be picky at parties!  Survey the options before loading up your plate with food.  Opt for healthy options mixed with those indulgences.  Avoid chatting around the buffet table or finger foods.  This could lead to mindless eating.
  4. Be kind to yourself.  Do not beat yourself up if you drink a little more than usual or have that extra cookie or piece of peanut butter fudge!  Peanut butter fudge is my FAVE!  I only have it once a year and I know it is worth every bite!  It’s only a few weeks out of the year and it would be sad if you missed out on those special treats and moments with your family and friends.  This one I have really learned over the years.  I like to write down a recap of my holidays in my journal and I always write down that I will eat more cookies and drink more wine than usual and most of the time I don’t gain any weight.  Relax!  
  5. WORKOUT!  This is the big one.  For me working out not only balances out the cookie consumption but also the stress that can come with the crazy holiday season. Go for a walk, go sledding with your family or plan a fun run.  It can be a family affair.  Or try an at home workout from my blog if you can’t hit the gym or are out of town.  This is a fun one!  The 12 Exercises of Christmas.  Give it a try.  

Christmas HIIT Workout I hope these tips help you to relax and enjoy the holidays this year.  I will be starting another New Year New You health and fitness challenge in January so be sure to check back or email me if you are interested in joining and I will send you the private group invite.  

Have a great weekend and a Merry Christmas


Orange Theory Inspired Treadmill and Plyometric Workout

Hey guys!  I cannot believe Christmas is a week away.  I have some major stuff to do!  Anyone else?  Every year my goal is to stress less and enjoy time with family and friends.  I think I keep getting better at this each year.  This year I didn’t stress about getting cards in the mail or making treats (which never turn out) or mailing out gifts on time.  I feel like I am doing pretty good!  However I just looked back at my goals for last year and I have a few that still need accomplished like doing that headstand in yoga!  Oh well there is always next year right!  

I have been really enjoying my Orange Theory Workouts especially since it has been very cold and hard to run outside.  I did this one on my own last weekend and it was awesome.  It is based off orange theory and I did wear my heart rate monitor when I did it to monitor my heart rate zones.  It does not  include any rowing since I don’t have a row machine at home.  It is mostly treadmill and plyometric/bodyweight training.  It is a good one if you are traveling and only have access to a hotel gym or have to do a workout outside.  I ran about 4 miles total when I did this but you could easily shorten the run times as needed.  I burned 585 calories and had 17 splat points at the end of this one!!!!  

Orange Theory Workout

If you need the pace guide for Orange Theory you can find it at the bottom of this post.  

*Get Ups:  Lie flat on your back on the floor with your hands placed behind your head or extended overhead.   Bend your knees, and keep your feet flat on the floor. Using your lower ab muscles, bring yourself forward until your butt and the heels of your feet are close.  With your hands behind your head, hinge at your hips and get up off the floor and stand up straight without using your hands, just your legs. Return back to starting position and repeat for desired reps.  For more intensity add a jump when you get to a standing position.  For a modified version just do a full sit up instead.  

Be sure to foam roll and stretch following this workout.  Have a great week! 


12 Days of CrunchMAS Challenge

Hi guys can you believe it is mid December?  I feel like November flew by.  We just finished up our planksgiving challenge and one of my awesome friends at the gym suggested a crunch challenge for December.  I am all about a challenge, so I put together the 12 days of CRUNCHMAS as my gift for you all.  

Crunch Challenge

This challenge starts with 15 reps and builds up however if you have a good base and this is too easy increase your reps or time.  No one says you have to stop at 15 or 30!  You can also up the challenge by performing some of the exercises on a stability ball, bosu ball, or by adding weight.  If you need explanations of the exercises check out the video below.  

Have a great week and let me know how the challenge is going in the comments or  tag me in your post @4livingthewrightway   #unwrappingabsforxmas

Super Sweaty Treadmill, Arms and Abs Workout

Happy Friday!  I am so glad it is the weekend and December 1st.  I have all my holiday decorations up and I am feeling festive.  

This week I changed up my workouts a bit and boy am I feeling it. I added in an additional run/weights day using the workout below.  I tried to make it similar to an Orangetheory workout just not using the rowing machine.   It was AWESOME and I am super sore.

Treadmill Workout
Super Sweaty Treadmill Workout

If you need something for those sore muscles you need to try using all natural essential oils none of that junk in the stuff you can buy at the store.  I made a muscle rub and it totally did the trick.  Give it a try after this workout!  Here is the recipe:

Post Workout Rub All Natural

You can order Essential Oils Here 

Don’t forget to check back for CRUNCHMAS!  Starting soon!  The 12 days of CRUNCHMAS!!!!  Have a great weekend!


Orange Theory Inspired Ladder Workout

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  With basketball season for my daughters starting up my Saturdays are about to get a little crazy.  Hopefully I can get out for a run if all the rain lets up. If not I plan to do this awesome Orange Theory Workout in my home gym.  Sometimes I like to just workout on my own schedule and not be restricted to a specific time so it is nice to have a home gym.  I do prefer to go to classes but since I wake up so early on the weekend the classes are always later.  If you can’t make it to the gym or Orange Theory you have to try this workout I created inspired by a workout at OT last week.  It is a killer.  I burned 600+ calories in this super sweaty session.  

Workout Details

The workout is broken down into 3 sections a running section, a rowing section and a strength section.  You will complete each section for 5, 4, 3, 2, minutes in length.  Don’t forget to warm up and cool down or foam roll.  If you don’t have access to a rowing machine you can always add in cycling, the elliptical or skip that section.  If you need the pace guide for the treadmill check it at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy!  

Orange Theory Workout

Don’t forget about the Planksgiving Challenge!  I hope you guys have a great week.  


Give Planks! November Plank Challenge

I hope you all had a great week and a happy Halloween.  I can’t believe it is November already.  November means my annual Planksgiving Challenge starts!  I am a little late posting this but here are the details.  For the first 10 days you will perform each exercise for 30 seconds.  For the next 10 days 45 seconds and the final 10 days 1 minute.  Depending on your fitness level you may want to increase or decrease your time.  Be sure to challenge yourself.  Remember CHALLENGE BECOMES CHANGE!

A few notes on proper form.  I see a lot of people in my classes who do not have the proper form when doing plank and other exercises.

Here are a few tips for great form when doing planks:

  1. Keep your body in one straight line.  Your body should be aligned straight with your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles all in the same plane of your body.  
  2. Tighten your midsection.  Imagine a wet towel and you are wringing out water.  
  3. Don’t let your hips sag and your butt lift up into the air.  Keep your glutes tight.
  4. Make sure your elbows are positioned directly under your shoulders, look down at the floor, and keep your fingers spread wide.  
  5. If you cannot perform planks or push ups with proper form for the amount of time suggested feel free to modify by coming to your knees if needed or doing wall push ups.  

There are several videos out there on youtube if you still need to work on that perfect form.  

   Planksgiving Printable

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