Orange Theory Inspired Treadmill and Plyometric Workout

Hey guys!  I cannot believe Christmas is a week away.  I have some major stuff to do!  Anyone else?  Every year my goal is to stress less and enjoy time with family and friends.  I think I keep getting better at this each year.  This year I didn’t stress about getting cards in the mail or making treats (which never turn out) or mailing out gifts on time.  I feel like I am doing pretty good!  However I just looked back at my goals for last year and I have a few that still need accomplished like doing that headstand in yoga!  Oh well there is always next year right!  

I have been really enjoying my Orange Theory Workouts especially since it has been very cold and hard to run outside.  I did this one on my own last weekend and it was awesome.  It is based off orange theory and I did wear my heart rate monitor when I did it to monitor my heart rate zones.  It does not  include any rowing since I don’t have a row machine at home.  It is mostly treadmill and plyometric/bodyweight training.  It is a good one if you are traveling and only have access to a hotel gym or have to do a workout outside.  I ran about 4 miles total when I did this but you could easily shorten the run times as needed.  I burned 585 calories and had 17 splat points at the end of this one!!!!  

Orange Theory Workout

If you need the pace guide for Orange Theory you can find it at the bottom of this post.  

*Get Ups:  Lie flat on your back on the floor with your hands placed behind your head or extended overhead.   Bend your knees, and keep your feet flat on the floor. Using your lower ab muscles, bring yourself forward until your butt and the heels of your feet are close.  With your hands behind your head, hinge at your hips and get up off the floor and stand up straight without using your hands, just your legs. Return back to starting position and repeat for desired reps.  For more intensity add a jump when you get to a standing position.  For a modified version just do a full sit up instead.  

Be sure to foam roll and stretch following this workout.  Have a great week! 


Super Sweaty Treadmill, Arms and Abs Workout

Happy Friday!  I am so glad it is the weekend and December 1st.  I have all my holiday decorations up and I am feeling festive.  

This week I changed up my workouts a bit and boy am I feeling it. I added in an additional run/weights day using the workout below.  I tried to make it similar to an Orangetheory workout just not using the rowing machine.   It was AWESOME and I am super sore.

Treadmill Workout
Super Sweaty Treadmill Workout

If you need something for those sore muscles you need to try using all natural essential oils none of that junk in the stuff you can buy at the store.  I made a muscle rub and it totally did the trick.  Give it a try after this workout!  Here is the recipe:

Post Workout Rub All Natural

You can order Essential Oils Here 

Don’t forget to check back for CRUNCHMAS!  Starting soon!  The 12 days of CRUNCHMAS!!!!  Have a great weekend!