Beat the Heat: Tips for working out in the heat

Wow has it been hot this week!  We have had temperatures above 99 degrees for most of the week and today is supposed to be 102 degrees!  

My daughter will be starting cross country in a few weeks and she and her friend want to run in the afternoons to simulate practices and meets. I thought I would share a few tips to help you beat the heat during the hot summer days and still continue to workout safely.  These tips and suggestions are based on my personal knowledge and experience as well as recommendations from The American Council on Exercise.  

  1. Workout in the morning if possible.  While I know this is not possible for everyone I try to get my workouts in early to beat the highest temps of the day.  
  2. Hydrate!  Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day and not just during your workouts.  If you are planning on running or working out longer than 1 hour or you are a heavy sweater be sure to add in some electrolytes into your water.  My favorites are Nuun tablets.
  3. Wear light colored and wicking fabrics to workout. Add a hat or visor to protect your face from the sun.  Don’t forget the sweat proof sunscreen! 
  4. Acclimate to the temperatures.  Start slow and understand that your workout may be harder because your body will be trying to cool itself so do not be frustrated if you are slower or struggling more than usual.  
  5. Get wet if needed.  Splash a little water on yourself or take a dip in the river/water if possible to cool down.  If you have a towel with you, get the towel wet and wrap it around your shoulders to help cool your body.  

Note:  Always consult your doctor before exercising in extreme heat.

Tips For Working Out In The Heat